Real Estate Law

Carter, Krista, Fred Fortier

Real estate law includes the acquisition, use and disposition of real estate. It involves the process of buying and selling all types of real estate. It also deals with the leasing/renting of real estate.

Service includes

  • Purchase and Sale of real estate, including residential, multi-residential, recreational, vacant land and commercial.
  • Mortgaging of real estate by banks and private lenders
  • Residential Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
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Family Law

Krista Fortier

Family law governs the relationships between spouses and the relationships between parents and their children. It pertains to marriage, separation and divorce, and involves parenting time, including decision-making for children. Family law is crucial for dividing property in separation and ensuring children and spouses are financially provided with the support they need.

Service includes

  • Separation Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Parenting Time & Decision Making For Children
  • Child Support & Extraordinary Expenses
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Collaborative Family Practice
  • Mediation
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Adoption

Corporate/Business Law

Carter Fortier

Corporate/Business law involves the governance of corporations. It also includes the formation of corporations and the reorganization of existing corporations. The buying and selling of a business is another area covered by Corporate/Business law.

Service includes

  • Asset Purchases and Sales
  • Share Purchases and Sales
  • Incorporations
  • Amalgamations
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Secured Lending

Wills and Estates

Carter, Krista, Fred Fortier

Wills and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care are important legal documents that ensure that an individual's financial and business affairs will be properly administered in the event of death, absence, or disability. Assisting Estate Trustees in a timely and cost-efficient manner provides support during difficult times.

Service includes

  • Preparation of Wills
  • Preparation of Primary Wills and Secondary Wills
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care
  • Estate Administration